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Whilst we are Lawyers working from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we cover the whole of Queensland remotely, and do our best to fit in with your business schedule, to provide our services and advice.

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Business Agreements

In need of business start-up advice? Looking to review your sales agreements, or terms and conditions? Do you want to look for investors and need a confidentiality agreement. We specialise in bespoke legal documents and unique situations and we can also help with all you need to deal with your everyday business needs.


Fixed Cost Legal Documents

We have a large range a self-service legal documents ready for you to utilise in your own time, 24/7. Just choose your desired document, complete the questions and information required and receive your legal document by email. It's simple and cost effective.


Corporate & Commercial

Do you need to start a company? Perhaps you need to deal with your company documents, shareholdings or directors obligations. Dealing with corporations law can be a compliance nightmare. Especially when bespoke solutions are needed. That is where we can help.

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It is a requirement in Queensland that all clients enter into a costs agreement with their lawyer and to that, we need to provide you with certain disclosures about our costs and fee structures.

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We will contact you as soon as we can to discuss the next steps needed.

Each client is different and we like to ensure that every client is fully aware of what work and services we will undertake to reach your goal and give you the best outcome.


We clarify our engagement and the scope of our engagement and get to work.

Often after a first meeting we discover different ways to reach your intended goal and after that, we may need to revisit our engagement and the scope of legal advice and legal services you need, and of course, clarify the costs.

Fixed Price Services

We offer a range of fixed price services.

Some legal services are so common that we can attend to them on a fixed price basis because the scope of the work required is limited to a single task, single service or legal advice that is general and common.  

If we offer a fixed price service, you can be confident that’s all it will cost.

Most popular questions.

Whilst we hope to provide best value for money for our legal services, you can expect to pay somewhere between $350 to $450 per hour for a lawyer’s time taken to undertake a certain task. 

If the legal task is a common one, we offer a range of legal services for a fixed price.

Rest assured, we won’t bill you for any work you have not authorised us to perform. 

You can read our full article on legal costs here. 

In short, yes.  We have a team of lawyers and support staff on hand to carry out work to be as efficient as possible. 

If you do want a particular lawyer to work on your file only; that is fine, we will just need to ensure you understand that may cost more and may take a little more time to complete.

Yes, but only in certain circumstances and mainly within for personal injury claims. 

Our costs disclosure regarding your personal injury claim will be discussed with you in detail at your initial client interview so you fully understand how a No Win No Fee arrangement works. 

Read more about our No Win No Fee guarantee within our personal injury section here. 

If you are asking yourself this question, then I think what you need is to change your frame of mind.

A lawyer is a service provider like any other profession. Lawyers work within a set of rules and regulations day in day out and have established experience of dealing with legal problems that are commonplace. Where legal problems become more complex, lawyers know where to find the right answers or how to develop a good argument for a particular answer they want to advocate.

It is that knowledge, skill and expertise that you are paying for when you consult a lawyer.  A good lawyer can deal with legal problems quickly, efficiently and properly because of that knowledge, training and experience that they have established.

In our view, you should want a lawyer involved in you legal issues.  You have one opportunity to get it right and if you get it wrong, the results can be devastating both financially and personally.

Choosing the right lawyer should be a considered decision.

We hope to be adaptable to all client needs. Our style and attitude towards the law is serious, forthright and strong.  We strive to represent a client’s best interests and put them forward in the best way we can to get a client’s desired result, whatever that might be.

We are lawyers that you can trust and will go the extra mile to make sure you make any legal decision with the best and clearest possible understanding about what you are getting involved with.

You can read our tips on finding the right lawyer for you here

Chances are, we can always help you in some way. 

If we do not cover the type of legal service you need, then we’ll let you know and refer you to another lawyer that would be able to assist you better. 

So feel free to get in touch and explain your legal issue or problem and we’ll get back to you. 

The first client interview is a chance to meet for the first time and get a proper understanding of your legal issues and how we can help you. 

Usually, there will be some critical documents that you’ll need to bring:

  • Your Drivers Licence (or other photo ID).
  • Any relevant contractual documents you wish to discuss.
  • Any important documents you would like the lawyer to consider. 

Make sure you bring full and complete copies with you, or send them to us by email beforehand so we can print them out. 

Whilst we strive to ensure all clients are happy, we appreciate there will be occasions when we might not satisfy your expectations. 

First things first, talk to us.  If you are not happy then we would like an opportunity to address why and hopefully resolve any issues you have and do better for you. 

If we can’t resolve the complaint, then you may wish to speak with the Legal Services Commission who handle formal complaints about the conduct of lawyers.

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If you are asking yourself this question, then I think what you need is to change your frame of mind. A lawyer is a service provider like any other profession or trade. When legal issues become more complex, lawyers know where to find the right solutions or how to develop an outcome that is desirable, or even necessary.

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