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Sunshine Coast Lawyers Queensland Legal provide quality, trusted, and client focused legal advice and legal services to the business, commercial, and the corporate sector.

When you need a lawyer, you want one who will provide the best possible service at the best possible price. You want a lawyer who is accessible, responsive and knowledgeable. You want a lawyer who will take the time to understand your needs and provide you with the best possible legal advice. 

That’s what we do!

We cover the whole of Queensland remotely online, but regularly visit offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

We’ll do our best to fit in with your business schedule to provide our legal services and legal advice.

Doing Things Differently but it's Business As Usual

As business lawyers, we work closely with clients to learn about their Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Queensland wide business, understand the objectives and give practical legal advice, that has a valuable effect.

Often you might not be sure where to start or just want to run things by a lawyer. We are ready to assist, listen and provide our practical legal advice to you. Shine Coast Lawyers can help, just give us a call.

If you are in need of legal advice because you are a personal guarantor of a home loan, a business loan, or a SMSF loan, or a reverse mortgage, then we can provide that service quickly, efficiently, and all remotely online, so service all of Australia.

Start a company today.  Simple straightforward, practical process, that gets your company trading and in business within 24 hours. Fixed cost for most company start-up.

Starting a small business? Take all the right steps, and start off on the right path.  Proper business structuring, contracts, terms of business, sales terms, are the essentials.

A start-up business, a small business, or established national.  We can help bring value in having a lawyer on hand to help navigate your way through both the everyday legalese, or the one-off transaction.

We can draft any legal contract required for your business. Compliant Australian Consumer Law sales terms, or a full service trade needing service agreements, credit terms, trademarks, employment agreements, and the like.

We offer online commercial leases, and fully bespoke commercial leasing arrangements. We also offer Retail Shop Lease documentation and assist the whole way, including registration. 

Featured Legal Services

Sunshine Coast Lawyers | Brisbane Lawyers

Business Lawyer Sunshine Coast

Legal Advice & Services

Business Lawyers

Whether you are a start-up business, a small business, or established national, we think we can help bring value in having a lawyer on hand to help navigate your way through both the everyday legalese, or the one-off transaction.

Personal Guarantor Legal Certificate Home Loan

Independent Legal Certificates (Fixed Fee)

Guarantors (Home Loan)

A legal advice certificate confirming that a personal guarantor has obtained independent legal advice about the risks and obligations associated with being a third-party guarantor to someone else’s financial lending.

Reverse Mortgage Legal Advice

Legal Advice Certificates (Fixed Fee)

Reverse Mortgages

Special over 60’s home loans that accessing equity in your home. As a borrower, you must usually see a lawyer to obtain legal advice on the effect of these reverse mortgages and the potential risks involved.

SMSF Member Legal Advice Certificate

Independent Legal Advice (Fixed Fee)

Guarantors (SMSF Members)

For super fund loans, each SMSF Member must usually personally guarantee the borrowing for the SMSF Trustee.  You’ll need to see a lawyer to obtain legal advice (as personal guarantor) on the effect of these SMSF mortgages and the potential risks involved.

Commercial Lease Standard Online Cost

Legal Documents (Fixed COST)

Commercial Lease (Online)

We have an online Standard Commercial Lease that can be built by you (as a self-service) at any time 24 hours a day, and they are instantly emailed to you on completion, as a PDF, ready for signing.

Non Disclosure Agreement NDA

Legal Documents (Fixed COST)

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Online)

Our mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement covers all the basics, is easy to read, and digest (with all terms and conditions on a single page) and will provide a quick solution to ensuring that you can share ideas, concepts, information, and financials without fear of it losing its confidential nature and being disclosed to third parties.

QBCC Deed of Covenant and Assurance Legal Advice

Legal Advice (Fixed Fee)

QBCC Deed of Covenant

A Deed of Covenant & Assurance is required by the QBCC when a licensee company is unable meet the minimum financial requirements.  Guarantors (directors of shareholders) need to obtain legal advice on the Deed to provide financial backing.

Initial Consult Legal Advice Fixed Fee

Legal Advice (Fixed Fee)

Initial Consultation & Legal Advice

An initial consultation is aimed at discussing your issues freely and giving you some legal advice to assist in making decisions about your legal situation, discussing what options may be available to you, and how you might proceed.

Retail Shop Lease Legal Report

Legal Advice Report (Fixed Fee)

Retail Shop Lease Legal Advice Report

The Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 sets out laws which apply to retail shop leases in Queensland.  Proposed tenants will require a lawyer to review, advise and provide the legal advice report (Form 12) for your retail shop lease. 

Legal Review of a Commercial Lease

Legal Advice (Fixed Fee)

Commercial Lease (Legal Review)

It’s important to understand your obligations or the risks within the terms of a commercial lease.  We can review the lease for you, and then provide our ‘plain English’ legal advice on the lease terms in consultation with you.

Commercial Lease Retail Shop Lease Lawyer

Legal Documents (Leases)

Commercial Lease (Complex)

A full commercial lease drafted by us, including all bespoke terms, conditions or special conditions required that may be unique to your particular property, situation, or dealings with the tenant.
Including any additional deeds with respect to Lessor works, Lessee works, financial contributions, incentives, or unique aspects of the transaction between the owner and the tenant.

Start a Business in Australia

Legal Advice & Services

Business Start-Up

Each business is different and has different needs. Whether you’re an internet start-up selling goods needing compliant Australian Consumer Law sales terms, or a full service trade needing service agreements, credit terms, trademarks, employment agreements, and the like; we can help with everything you need.

Legal contract in writing

Legal Advice & Contracts

Contract Lawyers

Whilst you can make a deal verbally, it is always best to get it in writing. Contractual arrangements are often only as good as the written terms that support both the obligations, and the consequences on each party. We can draft up any agreement. 

Business structuring legal advice

Legal Business Advice

Business Structuring

Proper business structuring is paramount to ensuring that you get off on the right foot, and control the risks, obligations and burden of running a business. Striking a balance is important and setting up correctly for both current and future goals is important, effective and cost efficient.

small business legal advice

Legal Advice for Small Business

Small Business Legal Advice

Starting a small business can be an exciting time, filled with opportunity and hope. But getting the right advice, taking all the right steps, and starting off on the right path is important, right from the very start.

Business Loan Guarantor legal advice

Legal Advice

Guarantors (Business Loan )

Business lenders often requires directors, shareholders or others to personally guarantee a business loan.  It acts as extra security and when the guarantor is not going to benefit, they likley need to obtain legal advice on the guarantee terms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sunshine Coast Lawyers | QUEENSLAND LAWYERS | Brisbane Lawyers

There are a few questions solicitors and lawyers tend to get asked a lot, or really should get asked a lot by their clients.

As with all our dealings, we try to be as open and transparent as possible, so we thought we’d publish our own Frequently Asked Questions to get a head start.

However, if we haven’t answered your question below, feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to do so direct with you. 

We hope to provide best value for money for our legal services.  You can expect to pay somewhere between $385 to $440 per hour for a lawyer’s time taken to undertake a legal task with us.

If the legal task is a common one, we offer a range of legal services for a fixed fee.

For other law firms in Queensland, costs will vary depending on the experience of the solicitor involved, the nature of the legal work being undertaken, and the geographic location of the law firm, and their overheads. 

A junior lawyer (up to 2 years experience), is likely to be charged out to clients at between $220 to $300 per hour.

More experienced lawyers (say 2 to 5 years experience), will cost around $300 to $400 per hour.

Lawyers with over 5 years experience will likely be billed to clients at between $400 to $550 per hour.

Finally, a Principal, Partner, or very Senior Lawyer is likely going to be charged out at over $550 per hour, and perhaps up to $1,000 per hour for a specialist lawyer with vast experience in a particular area of law.

You might find that regional Sunshine Coast Lawyers may charge less fees than Brisbane Lawyers, but that is not always true. 

For us, our predominantly online business model means less overheads, and our Standard Hourly Charge is $440 per hour for all legal work we undertake.

You can read our full article on legal costs here.

Yes, but only in certain circumstances and only in relation to personal injury claims.

Our costs disclosure regarding your personal injury claim will be discussed with you in detail at your initial client interview. So you will fully understand how a No Win No Fee arrangement works.

Read more about our No Win No Fee guarantee within our personal injury section.

For all other services, we work on a ‘pay as you go’ system. Also, we usually request some monies be paid upfront, to be held in our Trust Account as security for future legal fees.

If you are asking yourself this question, then you may need to change your frame of mind.

A lawyer is a service provider like any other profession.  Lawyers work within a set of rules and regulations day in day out and have established experience of dealing with legal problems that are commonplace.

Where legal problems become more complex, lawyers know where to find the right answers. They know how to develop a good solution for a particular situation they want to advocate.

It is that knowledge, skill, and expertise that you are paying for when you consult a lawyer.  A good lawyer can deal with legal issues quickly, efficiently and properly because of that knowledge, training and experience that they have established.

In our view, you should want a lawyer involved in you legal issues. Read our article on needing a lawyer or not.

You often only have one opportunity to get it right and if you get it wrong, the results can be devastating both financially and personally.

Choosing the right lawyer should be a considered decision.

We hope to be adaptable to all client needs. Our style and attitude towards the law is practical, and client focused.  We strive to represent a client’s best interests. We push your best interests forward in the best way we can to get the desired result, whatever that might be.

Lawyers that you can trust and will go the extra mile to make sure you make any legal decision with the best and clearest possible understanding. Informed decisions are good decisions.

You can read our tips on finding the right lawyer for you here.

We provide professional legal advice online, business legal documents, and many fixed fee legal services.

We now concentrate on business and commercial law. 

We see a need for a better approach than the traditional lawyers were providing in business law. 

Instead of just rolling out contracts and agreements off-the-shelf we like to take a bespoke approach and get things right for your business from the start.

We do provide a ‘standardised’ set of legal documents (still drafted by us) which certainly can fulfil a need, but would consider most legal issues need some special attention for each business situation.

The first client interview is a chance to meet for the first time and get a proper understanding of your legal issues and how we can help you.

Usually, there will be some critical documents that you’ll need to bring.

  • Your Drivers Licence (or other photo ID).
  • Any relevant contractual documents you wish to discuss.
  • Any important documents you would like the lawyer to consider.

Make sure you bring full and complete copies with you, or send them to us by email beforehand so we can print them out.

With modern technology, all of this is now usually done beforehand through an online (or smart phone) verification of identity or VOI.

Our Initial Consultation and Legal Advice Fixed Fee service provides details of what you can expect at the first appointment. 

There is no legal requirement for a personal guarantor to obtain legal advice prior to entering into a deed of guarantee.

Where a borrower is supported by a personal guarantor to obtain finance, it is the lender who requires it. 

Usually, the lender would make it a special condition of the loan offer that any personal guarantor obtain independent legal advice about their risks and obligations of the personal guarantor. 

As local Sunshine Coast Lawyers we can meet in person in Mooloolaba.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane lawyer then we regularly visit serviced offices in Brisbane.

Otherwise, online advices for guarantors are commonly place. 

Sunshine Coast lawyers tend to get asked this a lot. But the reality is local Brisbane lawyers may be further from you, or at least less willing to accommodate you. 

The short answer is…. Yes!

Whilst we are lawyers on the Sunshine Coast, we provide our legal advice and legal services to the whole of Queensland.

Whilst there are some services lawyers need to undertake in-person, most can now be done remotely, such that it is not necessary to physically meet.

Through the use of electronic verification of identity technology, phone, email and video conferencing, we service the whole of Queensland.

That said, if you live in any other State or Territory of Australia, then we can provide our services to you, so long as the legal issue is predominantly related to Queensland, or governed by Queensland laws. 

Chances are, we can always help you in some way.

If we do not cover the type of legal service you need, then we’ll let you know and refer you to another lawyer that would be able to assist you better.

There are 100’s of lawyers on the Sunshine Coast and thousands more Brisbane Lawyers, and we’ve come across many of them over the years. 

So feel free to get in touch and explain your legal issue or problem and we’ll get back to you.

Generally we are now a ‘virtual law firm’ and don’t have a ‘walk in’ office. 

Over the years (and during Covid), we found the need to have large permanent office space was minimal, and have scaled things back. 

As we are solicitors on the Sunshine Coast, we have a permanent base in Mooloolaba.

For in-person meetings when you need a solicitor in Brisbane, we use the meeting rooms of serviced co-working spaces in Chermside. 

See our Contact Us page for more information. 

Also, in the right circumstances, and if it might be beneficial for all concerned, we can also come to your home or business. 

Why Choose Queensland Legal

Queensland Lawyers | Sunshine Coast Lawyers | Brisbane Lawyers

We Can Usually Offer a Fixed Fee

If the scope of the work required is limited to a single task, single service or legal advice then we can offer a fixed price.
We already publish a range of fixed legal fee services we offer on our website, so no need to check or wonder what it will cost.
If we offer a fixed price service, you can be confident that's all it will cost.
Rest assured, all legal work is undertaken by qualified solicitors.

Who Are We

Queensland Legal is headed up by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer, and local Sunshine Coast Solicitor, with the assistance of experienced support staff. 
The hope is that we build a trusted relationship of lawyer and client that flourishes over the years, and we keep providing value to your business year on year well into the future.
Read more about us and some tips for finding the right Lawyer for you.

Why Choose Queensland Legal

Queensland Legal is proudly operated by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer and Solicitor.

My ambition extends beyond mere legal representation; I am committed to fostering enduring partnerships with my clients, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

It is my objective to continually deliver exceptional value to your business, ensuring prosperity and growth for years to come.

Let Queensland Legal be your partner in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape, securing a successful future for your business.

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