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Providing a guarantee can be a crucial step in various situations, such as when you’re helping a friend or family member with a loan, getting business finance or leasing equipment.

However, before committing to providing a guarantee, you need to understand the possible legal implications and seek professional legal advice.

As a guarantor, you are legally responsible for fulfilling the obligations of the borrower if they fail to do so.

Therefore, it’s vital to understand your rights, responsibilities, and legal obligations before making any commitments or signing any documents.

Seeking legal advice can help you understand the possible risks, consequences and protect you from any unwanted surprises that may come later.

It’s also essential to ensure that you have a full understanding of the guarantee’s terms and conditions, including its duration and scope.

Without proper legal advice, you put yourself at risk of facing legal and financial troubles in the future.

Often, lenders will require that a personal guarantor obtain independent legal advice on those risks, and provide a certificate that a solicitor has provided it to you. 

We can assist in providing the legal advice needed and providing a legal certificate for you. 

Fixed Cost Independent Legal Advice for Personal Guarantors

Looking for the best legal advice can be a daunting task, but with our fixed price services, we make it easy for you to find the right legal help for your needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the best legal advice possible, so you can make informed decisions and protect your rights.

Read more about the personal guarantor services we offer below or contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you get the legal advice you need.

We can arrange physical meetings with a solicitor in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and otherwise virtual meeting online throughout Queensland and Australia wide. 

We can even cater to personal guarantors currently overseas looking to guarantee an Australian financial loan. 

Business Loan Guarantor legal advice
Fixed Fee
Sunshine Coast Lawyers

Legal Advice for Business Loan Guarantors

Queensland Legal provides essential legal advice for business loan guarantors across Australia, ensuring they understand the obligations and risks associated with personal guarantees. Offering services for a fixed fee, we accommodate most banks and lenders, facilitating electronic signing and remote witnessing in line with modern legislation whenever we can.

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SMSF Member Legal Advice Certificate
Fixed Fee
Sunshine Coast Lawyers

Solicitors Advice for SMSF Loan

Queensland Legal offers tailored legal advice for SMSF loan members, ensuring they understand the intricacies and obligations involved in being a guarantor. This service, vital for SMSF trustees purchasing investment properties, is facilitated with modern conveniences like electronic signing and remote witnessing and provided Australia wide. Aimed at nationwide clients, Queensland Legal simplifies the process, offering fixed fee and fast turnarounds.

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Personal Guarantor Legal Certificate Home Loan
Fixed Fee
Sunshine Coast Lawyers

Home Loan Personal Guarantors

Queensland Legal offers legal services for personal guarantors across Australia, providing independent solicitors’ certificates for home loan personal guarantors. This service includes a fixed fee consultation and accommodates most banks and lenders, ensuring clients understand their obligations and the risks associated with being a third-party guarantor. The process is streamlined and can be completed remotely, aligning with modern legislative allowances for electronic deeds and remote witnessing, making it accessible nationwide.

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DISCLAIMER: The content on this page was written at a specific point in time in the past and is provided as general guidance only.  It is not intended to be specific legal advice to any person’s particular circumstances who may be reading it.  We do not recommend you use this article as a replacement for obtaining proper legal advice on your issue and encourage anyone reading this content to obtain legal advice to ensure the above information and guidance remains valid and suits your particular circumstance.  In our experience, there is no ‘one size fits all’ to any legal issue!

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