Initial Consultation & Legal Advice.

An initial consultation is aimed at discussing your issues freely and giving you some legal advice to assist in making decisions about your legal situation, discussing what options may be available to you, and how you might proceed.

Our initial consultations are not free and are charged to you in line with our standard charges.  However, there is no obligation at all to continue using us or our services thereafter.

For most initial consultations, we would expect to review a summary of your situation and any relevant documents.  Once reviewed, we can set up a meeting which can be in-person, by phone, or videoconference.  So we can provide this serve Queensland wide.

  • Initial Consultation & Legal Advice $440.00

    Fee is dependent on the amount of any pre-reading required before we attend your initial consultation. If we think its not covered, we'll let you know before.

Ready to Book.

We have a quick and easy online booking portal for you to provide all of your relevant information to us and upload your documents.

The Process

Initial Consultation & Legal Advice.

1. Get your information and documents to us.

Use our online booking portal to provide information on your matter, upload any documents you would like us to consider, and choose a preferred consultation time and method.

You will get more out of our initial consultation if you provide as much detail as possible prior to our meeting.

This will save us having to ask lots of questions during the consultation, and will help us focus immediately on providing advice on how we consider it best to deal with your matter and move forward.

The more information you can provide the deeper we can look into your situation and ensure any advice given is relevant and bespoke to you personally and your legal issues.

2. Get our consultation and legal advice.

We will arrange an appointment which might take 30 to 60 minutes. That can be in person, by phone or video conference.

You should use the opportunity to ask questions of us. Ensure that you are comfortable with us and our ability to deal with your legal work.

Trusting your lawyer is fundamental to getting legal advice.

If possible, we will give you an idea of the legal costs involved in dealing with your matter through our firm, or provide a fixed legal fee for our work.

If needed, we'll provide a written confirmation of our advice, our fees and details of how to engage us further.

WHY CHOOSE Queensland Legal

Queensland Legal is headed up by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer, and local Sunshine Coast Lawyer, with the assistance of experienced support staff. 

The hope is that we build a trusted relationship of lawyer and client that flourishes over the years, and we keep providing value to your business year on year well into the future.

Useful Links and Information

Just looking for some FREE Legal Advice?

Free Legal Advice Brisbane

If you do wish to speak with someone for free legal advice, we recommend getting in touch with your local community legal advice clinic. For Brisbane residents, that’s the Caxton Legal Clinic.

Free Legal Advice Sunshine Coast

If you do wish to speak with someone for free legal advice, we recommend getting in touch with your local community legal advice clinic. For Sunshine Coast residents, that’s the Suncoast Legal Community Service.

Free Legal Advice Queensland

If you do wish to speak with someone for free legal advice, we recommend getting in touch with your local community legal advice clinic. For wider Queensland residents, visit Community Legal Centres Queensland for assistance or contact details of your local clinic.

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