Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual)

We would always recommend using our full-form Confidentiality Agreement whenever you can.  However, we understand that’s not always possible, so to get protection in place, use our quick and easy mutual NDA.

Our mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement covers all the basics, is easy to read, and digest (with all terms and conditions on a single page) and will provide a quick solution to ensuring that you can share ideas, concepts, information, and financials without fear of it losing its confidential nature and being disclosed to third parties.

The document is for use between two to four parties to exchange information, takes a few minutes to complete online, and is then available for immediate use as a PDF document.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual) $99.00

    A fixed fee, inclusive of G.S.T, utilising our online smart form, completed by you online and emailed instantly to you in a printable PDF document.

Ready to Go.

We have a quick and easy online portal for you to provide all the relevant information to us and instantly receive your PDF document, ready for signing.

The Important Details

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual).

What does the NDA Cover?

This NDA is drafted to be a 'quick fix' and be used when a full Confidentiality Agreement is not possible, desirable or necessary for your circumstances.

It includes terms to protect your Confidential Information from disclosure or unauthorised use by the recipient. Terms included cover:

  • Obligations to keep information confidential.
  • Obligations not to use the Confidential Information, except for the purpose for which it was provided.
  • Obligations not to copy the Confidential Information.
  • Obligations to keep the Confidential Information safe from access by others.
  • Agreement that the Confidential Information and its exchange has value.
  • That exchanging Confidential Information does not oblige any party to do business with each other.
  • A very broad definition of Confidential Information that should cover all manner of documentation, information, concepts and ideas.

What Information do you need?

Here's the customised information you will need to complete the Online Portal yourself:

  1. Party Details – The full name, company name, or trust name, of each party that will sign the NDA, including any relevant ACN or ABN.
  2. Confidential Purpose – You will be asked to provide the purpose (or reason) why the parties will be exchanging the Confidential Information.
Some examples of a your 'purpose' might be:
  • to explore mutually beneficial business dealings between the parties.
  • to conduct negotiations for the sale of a product, service or business.
  • to undertake due diligence on a business opportunity.
  • to obtain quotations, or estimate for productions costs, tooling or manufacture.
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  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual) $99.00

    A fixed fee, inclusive of G.S.T, utilising our online smart form, completed by you online and emailed instantly to you in a printable PDF document.

Important:  These automated documents are provided by us as a non-legal service without any legal advice, recommendation or assistance. 

It is your responsibility to determine if the document is right for you, and we take no responsibility for you failing to understand the terms of the document, the nature of it, nor the appropriateness of the document (or its terms) to your specific needs, or legal situation.

If you are unsure if the document is right for you, or will address your specific needs, then it is best to contact us and make an appointment to speak with a lawyer.

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