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Seeking legal advice as a personal guarantor for loans including home, investment property, business, or SMSF loans across Australia? Our service is quick, efficient, and entirely online, offering nationwide accessibility. Additionally, for those exploring Reverse Mortgage Loans and requiring legal consultation, our remote online services are available Australia-wide. This approach ensures that no matter your location or legal need, expert advice is just a click away, providing convenience without compromising on quality or accessibility.
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Independent Legal Certificates

If you are in need of legal advice because you are a personal guarantor of a home loan, and investment property loan, a business loan, or a SMSF loan, then we can provide that service quickly, efficiently, and all remotely online, so service all of Australia.

Equally, if you are thinking about a Reverse Mortgage Loan and need to obtain legal advice, we can provide that service Australia wide too, remotely online.

Electronic signing is subject to the lenders approval for us to undertake things entirely remotely.  Alternatively, we can provide advice over video link and exchange the documents by express post.

We have fast turnaround times, and can usually organise your advice session within 24-48 hours of your booking.

We have reasonable and competitive fixed fees for each service published upfront on our website.  Just click on the service below for our fees and to find out more, and to book online via our smart portals.

If you need our services urgently, please call us on 07 5391 0050 so we can discuss our availability with you, and ensure we can get things done in time.

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Fixed Fee Solicitors Legal Advice Certificates.

Retail Shop Lease Legal Report
Fixed Fee
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Retail Shop Lease Legal Advice

Queensland Legal delivers retail shop lease legal advice, ensuring compliance with Queensland’s Retail Shop Leases Act 1994. We offer a comprehensive service for lessees, including

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Personal Guarantor Legal Certificate Home Loan
Fixed Fee
Sunshine Coast Lawyers

Home Loan Personal Guarantors

Queensland Legal offers legal services for personal guarantors across Australia, providing independent solicitors’ certificates for home loan personal guarantors. This service includes a fixed fee

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Why Choose Queensland Legal

Queensland Legal is proudly operated by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer and Solicitor.

My ambition extends beyond mere legal representation; I am committed to fostering enduring partnerships with my clients, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

It is my objective to continually deliver exceptional value to your business, ensuring prosperity and growth for years to come.

Let Queensland Legal be your partner in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape, securing a successful future for your business.

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Q1. “Will I be charged for a consultation?”…. Yes. We offer a no obligation initial consultation for all new enquiries we receive. At your first consultation, we will discuss ongoing fees or fixed fees for dealing with your legal issues and you can then decide if you want to engage us further.