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Queensland Legal offers legal services for personal guarantors across Australia, providing independent solicitors’ certificates for home loan personal guarantors. This service includes a fixed fee consultation and accommodates most banks and lenders, ensuring clients understand their obligations and the risks associated with being a third-party guarantor. The process is streamlined and can be completed remotely, aligning with modern legislative allowances for electronic deeds and remote witnessing, making it accessible nationwide.
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Personal Guarantor Legal Certificate Home Loan

Also known as a personal guarantor certificate or a legal advice certificate they provide certification that a person has obtained independent legal advice about the risks and obligations associated with being a third-party guarantor to someone else’s home loan lending.

Such a guarantee usually requires that you provide the lender with an indemnity also. Indemnifying them against any loss or damage they may sustain from lending money to the borrower.

Thankfully, Queensland and other States have now passed legislation that allows for Deeds to be signed electronically. Further, legislation was passed allowing a person to witness a signature remotely.  So, subject to the lenders approval, we can now offer this service to personal guarantors Queensland wide and Australia wide!

We can accommodate most banks and lenders loan documentation in our fixed cost, read more below for more details.

The process of getting your Independent Solicitors Certificate for Personal Guarantors...

1. Get your Documents

The lender will send you a number of documents in the mail (or increasingly by email) addressed to you as the personal guarantor. Once you have all those documents you need to read them yourself carefully.

Tip: Double check your documents to ensure the advice is a mandatory requirement. If not, getting the advice is your choice.

2. Contact Us

We will ask you to get a copy of all the documents to us so we can read over them before setting up an appointment to give you the advice you need. That appointment normally takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour and must be attended by you only. The advice can be given in person, over the phone or video conference.

Tip: Come ready to ask all the questions you might have on the documents.

3. We provide your Certificate

After receiving our advice we’ll provide you with an independent solicitors advice certificate and you’ll be ready to provide that to the bank or other lender.
If you want to, and feel ready to, we will also witness you sign the personal guarantee document also.

Tip: Many lenders now do not require that your signature on a deed be witnessed.

Fixed Cost Of Independent Solicitors Certificate for Personal Guarantors.

So What does it all Cost?

banks and lender logos servcived

We offer a fixed price service, that is applicable to most banks and lenders,* for the provision of the legal advice, completing the Solicitor’s statement, and witnessing the deed being signed by you.

  • Single Guarantor (Home Loan) $695

    A fixed fee, inclusive of G.S.T for reviewing the loan documentation, providing the necessary legal advice to you, and providing our advice certificate.

  • Two Guarantors (Home Loan) $995

    A fixed fee, inclusive of G.S.T for reviewing the loan documentation (same terms for each guarantor), providing the necessary legal advice to each guarantor separately, and providing our advice certificate.

  • Complex Arrangements from $1,195

    If the loan or financial arrangements are particularly complex or involve multiple parties, or the lender requires us to act as Identity Agent then such will take more time we may need to offer you with another fixed fee (no obligation) after receiving the documents, and before we give you the advice.

*Banks and Lenders covered, include: Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie, ANZ, ING Direct, NAB, Bank of Queensland (BOQ), Westpac, Bankwest, Suncorp Bank, Bendigo Bank, bcu, Citi, HSBC,, La Trobe Financial,, ME Bank, Pepper Money, Nano, RACQ Bank, RAMS, St George, ubank, Yellow Brick Road, and more. 

Guaranteeing a Business Loan?
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If you are personally guaranteeing a business loan (overdraft, plant and equipment etc) then please head over to that particular service information. The service is different and so are your risks and obligations.

Guaranteeing an Investment Property Loan?

If you are personally guaranteeing monies loaned to purchase an investment property (through a company or trust) then please head over to that particular service information. The service is different and so are your risks and obligations.

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