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Queensland Legal introduces an online service for creating standard commercial lease agreements, accessible 24/7, enabling landlords to draft leases that protect their investments effectively. This self-service option provides instant lease documents, ready for signing, ensuring legal compliance and landlord-tenant clarity. For those requiring additional support, we offer consultations to tailor leases to specific needs, including special conditions. This service caters to landlords and property agents, emphasizing ease, efficiency, and legal precision in commercial leasing.
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The Need for a commercial lease in Queensland

Our Online Standard Commercial Leases can be built by you (as a self-service) at any time 24 hours a day, and they are instantly emailed to you on completion, as a PDF, ready for signing.

If you need some extra help then you can book a legal consult to draft your Commercial Lease (Standard) with you, and a lawyer will be in touch to gather all the information we need and be on hand to answer any questions along the way.  


Download a Sample Commercial Lease

Take a look at a sample of the Form 7 and Form 20 Commercial Lease we provide for this online service.

Key parts of our Standard Commercial Lease (there are many more)...

Owning a commercial space can be one the most rewarding investments you make.  Finding the right tenant is important, but protecting your investment with the right commercial lease is just as, if not more, important!

Leases are legally binding so it is important to have a lawyer prepare the right lease for your premises, and the business the tenant wants to run from it.

A properly drafted lease can avoid expensive misunderstandings that could cost both landlord and tenant more money in the future, disputing their rights and obligations.

We provide this service Queensland wide, but if you wish to meet, we have offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast

Our Online Standard Commercial Leases can be built by you (as a self-service) at any time 24 hours a day, and they are instantly emailed to you on completion, as a PDF, ready for signing.

Whilst the lease is drafted by us, it remains your responsibility to ensure the lease is suitable for your circumstances. If you are in any doubt, get in touch first.

If you need some extra help then you can book a legal consult to draft your Commercial Lease (Standard) with you, and a lawyer will be in touch to gather all the information we need and be on hand to answer any questions along the way.  

The legal consultation usually takes around an hour or so, and your commercial lease will be issued to you immediately after, in PDF. 

Should you need any terms to deal with special conditions, incentives, lessee works or lessor works agreed upon, then we can assist there too. 

Finally, if you are need of something entirely bespoke to your needs, we can deal with that for a fixed fee also. 

The Rent

You will state how much rent will be charged per annum. Which will then be paid on a monthly basis, in advance.

Rent Review

You can determine if the Rent will be increased on an annual basis or not, and if so, on what basis (fixed percentage, or CPI).


State if Outgoings (rates, insurance, body corporate fees, etc) are payable, and in what proportion they will be allocated.

Risk & Indemnity

Our Lease covers the Lessor against all risk of letting the premises to the tenant and ensure that appropriate indemnities against loss and damage are provided.


State how much 'cash' security will be provided (by bank guarantee), and also state who must provide a personal guarantee and indemnity.

Option for Renewal

Determine if the Lease will provide the tenant with any options for renewal from the Initial Term provided. Choose the option terms and number to be provided.

Fitout Works

*If any agreed Tenants Fitout Works or Landlord Works are to be undertaken under the lease. We can provide appropriate terms upon which they ought to be carried out.

Special Conditions

*If there are a few special conditions you would like to include within the Commercial Lease, then we can draft them for you to ensure they complement the lease terms and are legally bunding.

Permitted Use

Properly describe the permitted use of the premises by the tenant, to ensure you restrict how the premises can be used during the term.

Market Review

Decide if the Lease will provide for a market review of the Rent is to be undertaken for the premises.


State if the Lease will be for the whole or part of the Premises, and if any exclusive car parking spaces are provided.

Property Agent

You can nominate a Property Agent to act on behalf of the Lessor within our Commercial Lease.

* Additional Fixed Costs Apply as an optional extra to the Commercial Lease (Standard), see above.

Our Online Portal

Complete your Commercial Lease (Standard) via our Secure Online Portal.

When should you use this Commercial Lease?

This is our standardised full commercial lease drafted by us to include all the usual terms, conditions and clauses found in most commercial leases in Queensland.

It will adequately protect a landlords property in most situations.  However, the terms do not overly favour the lessor or the lessee, and try to strike a fair and reasonable balance between the rights and obligations of both, having regard to their status.

However, if the premises are of a particularly high value, or the business to be traded is unusual, dangerous, or uncommon, or you require a substantial amount of special conditions, then it may be best to have us review your circumstances and draft a bespoke commercial lease. 

Important:  These automated documents are provided by us as a non-legal service without any legal advice, recommendation or assistance. 

It is your responsibility to determine if the document is right for you, and we take no responsibility for you failing to understand the terms of the document, the nature of it, nor the appropriateness of the document (or its terms) to your specific needs, or legal situation.

If you are unsure if the document is right for you, or will address your specific needs, then it is best to contact us and make an appointment to speak with a lawyer, or book this service with the additional legal consultation. 

Commercial Leasing

Need something fully bespoke for your Premises?

Commercial Lease (Complex)

Some situations may not suit a standard approach. Some owners just want to make sure everything is watertight and covered. In those circumstances, it's best to engage us properly as your lawyer to deal with the leasing.
A full commercial lease drafted by us, including all bespoke terms, conditions or special conditions required that may be unique to your particular property, situation, or dealings with the tenant.
Including any additional deeds with respect to Lessor works, Lessee works, financial contributions, incentives, or unique aspects of the transaction between the owner and the tenant.
$ 2,750
Fixed Fee (Including GST)
  • Up to 1 Hour meeting with our lawyer to take your instructions on the property, tenant, and needs of the transaction.
  • Recommended for high value leases and high value properties, whatever the lease term is.
  • Fully protects your property investment.
  • Nominate multiple personal guarantors, and hold a security bond or bank guarantee.
  • List outgoings and other costs to be paid by the tenant, usually including legal costs.
  • Register with the Titles Office (fees apply).
  • Include bespoke drafted terms and special conditions.
  • Suitable for use with any buiness or industry.
  • Further 1 Hour meeting with our lawyer to explain to leasing terms and how to make the most of them.

Why Choose Queensland Legal

Queensland Legal is proudly operated by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer and Solicitor.

My ambition extends beyond mere legal representation; I am committed to fostering enduring partnerships with my clients, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

It is my objective to continually deliver exceptional value to your business, ensuring prosperity and growth for years to come.

Let Queensland Legal be your partner in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape, securing a successful future for your business.

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