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Useful Links.

We have put together a page of useful websites you can go to find out more information about the legal process, your legal rights and the law in general.

Queensland Legal does not control these websites or provide any endorsement of the information, views or expressions that may be published upon them from time to time, they are listed here for your information only and your use of them and the information they contain is entirely at your own risk.

Queensland Law Society (QLS)

The peak representative body for the legal profession in Queensland, providing leadership, guidance and support for more than 13,000 members. QLS holds specific statutory responsibilities under the Legal Profession Act 2007.

Business Support (Government)

Information, grants, services and support from across government to help your business succeed. Find the latest government support relevant to your state or territory.

Caxton Legal Centre

The Queensland Law Handbook is a comprehensive, plain-English legal resource designed to help you deal with your legal problems. It provides a great overview of the law in Queensland and very useful resources, guides and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the legal system.

Legal Services Commission (LSC)

Information and resources to assist members of the public understand their rights and obligations when interacting with the legal profession.


AustLII publishes public legal information -- that is, primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals); and secondary legal materials created by public bodies for purposes of public access (law reform and royal commission reports for example) and a substantial collection of law journals.

Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc

Local to the Sunshine Coast with outreach centres across the region the Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc is an independent, non-profit community organisation providing legal advice, referrals and education. They provide a large amount of legal information online and you can also make an appointment to see a volunteer lawyer for a free legal advice session if you need one.

Queensland Courts

Often the first and best place to start to find out what you should (or shouldn’t do) when pursuing a legal claim in Queensland. You will find an array of helpful information, contacts, forms and guides on the correct processes to follow.

Queensland Legislation

You will find access to every piece of Queensland legislation and related information—Bills introduced, Acts as passed, subordinate legislation as made and point-in-time reprints (consolidations) of Acts and subordinate legislation. All can be read online, searched and downloaded in pdf.

Federal (Commonwealth) Courts

You will find an array of helpful information, contacts, forms and guides on the correct processes to follow if your claim is within the jurisdication of the Federal Courts of Australia.

Federal (Commonwealth) Legislation

The Federal Register of Legislation is the authorised whole-of-government website for Commonwealth legislation and related documents. You will find all Commonwealth Acts and subordinate legislation available to read and download.

DISCLAIMER: The content on this page was written at a specific point in time in the past and is provided as general guidance only.  It is not intended to be specific legal advice to any person’s particular circumstances who may be reading it.  We do not recommend you use this article as a replacement for obtaining proper legal advice on your issue and encourage anyone reading this content to obtain legal advice to ensure the above information and guidance remains valid and suits your particular circumstance.  In our experience, there is no ‘one size fits all’ to any legal issue!

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Also known as a ‘Schedule B – Statement by Covenantor’s Solicitor‘ or simply a legal advice certificate, they provide certification that a person has obtained

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