About Us.

Queensland Legal is headed up by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer, with the assistance of experienced support staff. 

Michael is trying to change the way that traditional legal work is undertaken and take a more practical and efficient attitude when providing legal services to his clients. 

Michael’s background is in commercial litigation and dispute resolution and that work has helped us recognise the importance of clients getting clear, straightforward, and understandable legal advice early.  Together with both value and practical use to the client now and into the future. 

The hope is that we build a trusted relationship of lawyer and client that flourishes over the years, and we keep providing value to your business year on year.

Why Choose Us

Tips on Finding the Right Lawyer for You.


Shop Around.

Don’t just pick the first lawyer you find (even us!). There are many lawyers that can provide a legal service and each have their own unique style, attitude and personality. Make sure you choose a lawyer that fits you.


Go Bespoke.

Don’t just use the same lawyer you use for all your legal affairs. Lawyers tend to focus on certain areas of law to provide the best service they can. The law is extensive and no one lawyer can competently service all areas.


Trust Them.

Find a lawyer that you trust. Your lawyer will be one of your most trusted advisors and will know and learn things about your business. Not only that, but you need to trust your lawyers advice.


Find a Synergy.

Be careful to choose the lawyer that fits your own style. Whilst a good lawyer can adapt their own style to fit you, it would be easier if the lawyer already fits your style of business and the image you wish to portray.


Understand Them.

Choose a lawyer that you can understand. The law can be complex and as a non-lawyer you’ll need someone who can explain it to you in a way that you understand so that you can make the right decision on how to proceed.


They can't do it all.

Choose a lawyer that practices specifically in the area of law you need. A good lawyer will tell you when you need a lawyer with a different skillset than theirs. If they do, they are looking after you well!

Our Legal Services

Discover our Legal Services.

Legal Services

Commercial Lease

A Commercial Lease, sometimes called a Commercial Tenancy, are legally binding contracts between a business owner (referred to as the tenant or lessee) and the

Legal Services

Commercial Property Law

Commercial property can mean anything from a small industrial shed leased to a family business, to a multi-unit office building leased to multinationals. We can

Legal Document

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual)

We would always recommend using our full-form Confidentiality Agreement whenever you can.  However, we understand that’s not always possible, so to get protection in place,

Fixed Fee

Review a Commercial Lease

So you’ve found a commercial space you want to run your business from and the lessor (or the agent) has sent you a draft lease.