Retail Shop Lease Legal Advice.

A Retail Shop Lease is a specific type of lease that is entered into when the space you rent is located within a shopping centre.

The Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 sets out laws which apply to retail shop leases in Queensland.   It defines a ‘shopping centre’ in a certain way and you may be leasing a ‘retail shop’ even though the space is not in a major shopping centre.

We can review, advise and provide the legal advice report for your retail shop lease for you.

Our advice sessions can be by phone, online video conference, or in person in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast. 

Ready to Book.

We have a quick and easy online booking portal for you to provide all of your relevant information to us and upload your documents.

The Process

Legal Advice Report for Retail Shop Lease.

So what is the process.

We have a simple online booking portal to step you through the process, so just click the link and make a start.

1. We'll need to gather the essential information needed to identify you and the type of business and retail shop lease you are looking to enter into.

2. You will need to upload a copy of the draft retail shop lease and the disclosure statement provided to you by the landlord or the agent. Plus any other relevant documents that you are looking for us to review, and provide you with advice upon. Remember, you will also need to read them all yourself too!

3. We will undertake a legal review of the retail shop lease and disclosure statements, and all of its terms and conditions.

4. We will arrange a consultation with you (together with any other people involved in the business), normally taking between 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the complexities of the retail shop lease) and we'll provide our advice on the terms, and answer all the questions you have.

We act in your best interests, without regard to the interests of the landlord, the agent, or the lawyers representing them.

Our role is to ensure you understand what you are reading, how it effects you now, and how it might effect you in the future (if things go wrong).

The advice we give on our review of your retail shop lease is our honest views on it, and its reasonableness.

5. We will then complete and provide you with our Legal Advice Report (Form 12), for your own use., and benefit.

6. That's it.... it is as simple as that! There is no obligation to use our services any further. You can go away and sign the retail shop lease as is, negotiate certain terms, or walk away from the deal, it is up to you.

Important Details

Excluded Advice - Not Included in Our Services.

Financial Advice

We will not provide you (nor can we) provide any advice on the financial viability of the lease, your retail business, or your ability to meet the financial commitments of the lease.

You will also need to obtain a Financial Advice Report with respect to that financial advice.

If you do not have an accountant to provide such, we can refer you if requested.

Town Planning

We will not provide you with advice on town planning matters, or which licences, permits or otherwise might be required for your retail business.

Nor will we provide advice on building laws which may apply, or any statutory approvals which may be required.

If you do not have a town planner to provide such advice, we can refer you if requested.

WHY CHOOSE Queensland Legal

Queensland Legal is headed up by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer, and local Sunshine Coast Lawyer, with the assistance of experienced support staff. 

The hope is that we build a trusted relationship of lawyer and client that flourishes over the years, and we keep providing value to your business year on year well into the future.

Fixed Fee Legal Service

So What does it all Cost?

We offer a fixed fee legal service, that is applicable to most retail shop leases in Queensland.  Our fixed fee covers everything needed to provide the necessary legal advice to you, including the collection of instructions, documents, our review of the draft lease and disclosure statements provided to you, and our consultation with you.  That consultation can be in person, by phone or online video conference.

We do offer some optional extras, but there is no obligation (or expectation) that you will require them, or need to take them up.  You certainly will not be pressured by us to do so at all.

If you have a general commercial lease (not a retail shop lease), then you do not need a formal legal advice report, but may choose to have us review your commercial lease in any event.  See our separate page on reviewing a commercial lease

  • Legal Advice Report for Retail Shop Lease (Fixed Fee) $1,395.00

    A fixed fee, inclusive of G.S.T for reviewing the retail shop lease documentation, providing the necessary legal advice to you on the lease terms and conditions, and completing the legal advice report (Form 12) required.

The Optional Extras

  • Property & Party Searches $150.00

    A fixed fee, inclusive of G.S.T, inclusive of applicable search fees, for undertaking formal searches of the property to be leased, and any corporate entities who own the property. These searches will identify any potential issues with the property title, any registered leases, and the correct identity of owners, and the directors of any corporate owners. Once we have reviewed the searches, we will then be in a position to advice on any potential issues that may arise.

  • Written Advice on the Retail Shop Lease $595.00

    A fixed fee, inclusive of G.S.T. If you wish, we can follow up our consultation with a formal written advice that summarises the legal advice we provided to you on the terms, risks and obligations of the draft retail shop lease, and disclosure statements.

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