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Lawyers and Solicitors, Queensland Legal, provide quality, trusted, and client focused legal advice and legal services to business, commercial, and the corporate sector.

We have offices on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. However, we cover the whole of Queensland remotely online (including Rockhampton).

If you are looking for a business or commercial lawyer on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, or Queensland wide, we do our best to fit in with your business schedule, to provide our legal services and legal advice.

We provide legal advice online, business legal documents, and fixed fee legal services.

Ask us anything.

Contact us with your legal enquiry and we will come back to you with how we can help you.

Our Legal Services - Rockhampton Lawyers & Solicitors

Featured Services.

Business Lawyers

Start-up. developing, or established, business advice, services and legal support to assist your business grow.

Contract Lawyers

Negotiation and preparation of commercial agreements, Contract documents, and legal agreements.

Commercial Lawyers

Commercial terms for business to business transactions and B2B relationships.

Business Sales & Purchasing

Legal advice for negotiations, heads of agreement and full contract terms.

Terms of Business

Terms and Conditions. Credit Terms. Employment Contracts. Supply Agreements. Distributer Agreements.

Business Advice

General business legal advice to keep you compliant and assist you keep on top of risks and obligations.

Pre-Contract Legal Advice

Helping you understand what is being offered, and how best to document what you want.

Business Structuring

Start-up or restructuring, lets get a proper business structure in place.

Commercial Leasing

Dealing with commercial leases to properly lease your commercial property.

Start a Company

Incorporate a Company. Company Constitutions and Shareholders Agreements (standardised or bespoke).

Commercial Property

Commercial sales and purchasing. Property Development. Due Diligence Assistance.

Fixed Fee Legal Work

Independent Solicitors Certificate for Personal Guarantors. Deed of Covenant & Assurance (QBCC). Solicitors Advice for Reverse Mortgage

How we work - Lawyers for Rockhampton

Ready to Engage Us.

Sign up as a Client

It is a requirement in Queensland that all clients of solicitors enter into a costs agreement with their lawyer. To do that, we need to provide you with certain disclosures about legal costs and legal fee structures.

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We Confirm Our Engagement

Often after a first meeting we may discover different ways to reach your intended goal. We may need to revisit our engagement and the scope of legal advice and legal services you need, and of course, clarify the future legal costs.

Queensland Legal Lawyers Solicitors Brisbane Sunshine Coast

We will Contact You

Each client is different. We like to ensure that every client is fully aware of what legal work and legal services we will undertake to reach your goals and give you the best outcome. Our lawyers can meet with you in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, online, or by telephone, to discuss the next steps.

Queensland Legal Lawyers Solicitors Brisbane Sunshine Coast

Rockhampton Lawyers with Fixed Fees

We offer a range of Fixed Fee Legal Services.

We Can Usually Offer a Fixed Fee

If the scope of the work required is limited to a single task, single service or legal advice then we can offer a fixed price.
We already publish a range of fixed legal fee services we offer on our website, so no need to check or wonder what it will cost.
If we offer a fixed price service, you can be confident that's all it will cost.
Rest assured, all legal work is undertaken by our lawyers.

Fixed Fee Lawyers Sunshine Coast

WHY CHOOSE Queensland Legal

Queensland Legal is headed up by Michael Turner, the Principal Lawyer, and local Sunshine Coast Lawyer, with the assistance of experienced support staff. 

The hope is that we build a trusted relationship of lawyer and client that flourishes over the years, and we keep providing value to your business year on year well into the future.

Articles & Posts - Rockhampton Lawyers for Queensland

Our most recent Articles and Posts.

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Jump onto your favourite search engine (Google, Bing or some other) and search for the best lawyers in Queensland and you’ll find an array of ‘Top 10 Solicitors’ or ‘Top Rated Lawyers’ or ‘Most Recommended’ or ‘Best Lawyers’ or even just ‘Leading’.

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Documenting Business Relationships

Business Lawyers Brisbane & Sunshine Coast. Get your business dealings set up right from the start. Find out how to get started documenting your business relationships.

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Useful Links & Resources

We have put together a page of useful websites you can go to find out more information about the legal process, your legal rights and the law in general. Queensland Legal does not control these websites.