Commercial Property Law.

Commercial property can mean anything from a small industrial shed leased to a family business, to a multi-unit office building leased to multinationals.

We can assist you in each situation.  Commercial leasing is generally standardised for most commercial property, and we have developed fixed fee standardised leases to suit most situations. 

We also provide advice and legal services for small and large developments.  Drafting agreements between landowners and developers. 

Our approach to solving issues is bespoke and practical.  We’ll take the time to get to know the transaction and the deals involved to provide a solution.

Ready to Meet.

Feel free to reach out with your enquiry, question or request.  We’d be happy to have a quick chat if you are not sure what you need and let you know if we can help. 

Our Legal Services

Commercial Property Law.

Commercial Leases

Dealing with commercial leases to properly lease your commercial premises.

Due Diligence

Investigating a deal, transaction or purchase yo ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

Assignment & Sub-Leasing

Documenting an assignment of a current lease or creating a sub-lease.

Lease Renewals & Options

Assistance in properly dealing with the process option renewals, rent reviews and lease amendments.

Notice to Remedy Breach

Properly issuing notices under the commercial lease to remedy a breach of its terms.

Manage Leasing Portfolios

Helping you manage you commercial property investments.

Commercial Property Sales

Assist in the purchase or sale of commercial property in Queensland.

Land Sales

Helping you with the acquisition of vacant land in Queensland for investment.

Property Development

Assisting property developers navigate the legal issues of subdivisions.

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Fixed Fee

Deed of Covenant & Assurance (QBCC)

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Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual)

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