Commercial Lease.

A Commercial Lease, sometimes called a Commercial Tenancy, are legally binding contracts between a business owner (referred to as the tenant or lessee) and the owner of the property (referred to as the landlord or lessor).

Commercial leasing is generally standardised for most commercial property, and we have developed fixed fee leases to suit most situations.

There is usually no need for us to meet with you in person to take instructions from you, or draft a commercial lease, it can all be done remotely.

However, we have offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, so if we need to, or if you prefer, we can meet in person to prepare a commercial lease.

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Key parts of a Commercial Lease (there are many more).

The Rent

The lease must set out the correct amount of rent, together with how it is to be paid, and when the rent is due, and how periodically.


What additional expenses, charges, or outgoings will be payable under the lease (insurance, rates, body corporate fees, etc)

Option for Renewal

Will the offer the tenant an option to renew it. If so, what will any optional provide, and how is it to be communicated.

Rent Review

Will the rent be reviewed each year, or on the taking of an option. If so, on what basis (fixed, percentage, or CPI).


The lease should ensure adequate insurance is held to cover any loss or damage to the property caused during the tenancy.


If the property is a store front, any signage mounted on the outside should be with landlords consent.


The extent to which the tenant will be responsible for redecorating or refurbishment of the property on exit.


How much deposit will be provided (usually by bank guarantee), and will anyone provide a personal guarantee and indemnity.

Assignment or Sub-letting

Will the landlord allow an assignment of the lease, or allow parts of the property to be sub-let by the tenant.

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