Business Law.

Doing things differently as business lawyers, we want to work closely with our clients to learn about their business, understand their objectives and provide practical legal advice, that has a lasting and valuable effect.

Whether you are a start-up business, a small business, or established national, we think we can help bring value in having legal advisors on hand to help navigate your way through both the everyday legalese, or the one-off transaction.

Whilst we are Lawyers working from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we cover the whole of Queensland remotely, and do our best to fit in with your business schedule, to provide our services and advice.

Ready to Meet.

Feel free to reach out with your enquiry, question or request.  We’d be happy to have a quick chat if you are not sure what you need and let you know if we can help. 

Our Legal Services

Business Law.

Contract Drafting

Drafting commercial terms for business to business transactions and B2B relationships.

Business Structuring

Start-up or restructuring, lets get a proper business structure in place.

Commercial Leases

Dealing with commercial leases to properly lease your commercial property.

Business Advice

General business legal advice to keep you compliant and assist you keep on top of risks and obligations.

Business Sales & Purchasing

Legal advice for negotiations, heads of agreement and full contract terms.

Pre-Contract Legal Advice

Helping you understand what is being offered, and how best to document what you want.

Terms of Business

Terms and conditions or sale for products or services that are Australian Consumer Law compliant.

Credit Terms

Properly documenting the terms of your credit contract as a supplier to best protect prompt payment and enforcement.

Independent Contractors

Ensuring the correct agreement and terms are in place to separate business from a contractor.

Our Services

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Legal Services

Commercial Lease

A Commercial Lease, sometimes called a Commercial Tenancy, are legally binding contracts between a business owner (referred to as the tenant or lessee) and the

Legal Services

Small Business Advice

A small business is generally considered to be anything from a sole trader to businesses employing less than 20 employees.  Small businesses in Queensland are

Legal Document

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual)

We would always recommend using our full-form Confidentiality Agreement whenever you can.  However, we understand that’s not always possible, so to get protection in place,

Fixed Fee

Deed of Covenant & Assurance (QBCC)

Also known as a ‘Schedule B – Statement by Covenantor’s Solicitor‘ or simply a legal advice certificate, they provide certification that a person has obtained

Legal Services

Business Structuring Advice

Proper business structuring is paramount to ensuring that you get off on the right foot, and control the risks, obligations and burden of running a